Masters Programme


Masters of Arts (MA) in Development Studies

The M.A (DS) Programme combines coursework and dissertation and last 18 month. This first nine (9) months are for course work or class teaching assignments and examinations; while the remaining nine (9) moths are devoted to writing research and dissertation writing.

(a) Course Structure

Students are required to take three(3) core courses and opt for (4) courses from amongst the optional Courses.

  • Core Courses

DS 600: Research Methodology for Development

DS 601: Development of Polictical Thought

DS 610: Issues in Development

Optional Courses

DS 611: Issues of Agrarian Change & Rural Dev.

DS 612: Science and Technology

DS 613: Planning and Management

DS 614: Contemporary International Issues

DS 615: Gender I issues & Socio – Economic Dev

DS 616: Labour and Development

DS 617: Health and Development

DS 618: State and civil Society in Tanzania

DS 619: Energy and Environment

DS 620: Education and Development

DS 621: Industrialisation in Developing Countries

DS 699 Dissertation